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Giving Back

Houston Safari Club proudly continues the work of conservation leaders like Theodore Roosevelt and other pioneers who understood the great importance of giving back to the wilderness. Since Roosevelt designated the first United States Wildlife Refuge in 1903, a legislative landmark, wilderness conservation has grown into a global concern. As we move into the 21st century, the protection of our finite natural resources is more important than ever.

HSC and our sister organization, the American Conservation and Education Society (ACES), have been a positive force in the world of wildlife conservation for decades. HSC and ACES provide much needed financial aid to wildlife and habitat protection initiatives, global research and management programs, and many organizations that share our mission. Students currently involved in the study of Wildlife and/or Range Management have received over 300 scholarships, proudly funded by HSC and ACES, totaling more than $1,000,000.

Every generous donation from our members and network of benefactors not only moves the cause of conservation forward, it introduces a new generation of young people to the sports of hunting and angling, and helps to protect outdoor habitats all over the world.

HSC is reliant upon the generosity of our membership body and supporters, comprised of both businesses and individuals, to enable us to continue our mission. All donations go directly to the conservation and preservation of wild game species, youth education and membership support.

Join HSC today and join us in supporting the future of wildlife conservation!