Houston Safari Club
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Sport Hunting is Wildlife Conservation.


The Houston Safari Club Grant Program is designed to promote and develop wildlife conservation efforts by providing financial aid to deserving projects and organizations. HSC and the Charitable Arm American Conservation and Education Society (ACES) have contributed in millions of dollars in our mission to protect wildlife and wildlife habitats the world over. Scholarships and youth oriented projects receive grant subsidies from HSC and ACES every year, as do a large number of organizations with similar missions and objectives.

HSC is a leading advocate for sport hunting funded conservation initiatives, which currently make up 99% of the wilderness conservation programs in existence today. Without these programs in place, and the billions of dollars generated in the hunting industry annually, wildlife would quickly become endangered by an imbalance of nature, species overpopulation, habitat destruction, urban encroachment and other threats.

Join HSC in our mission to provide funds for these important global projects and wildlife conservation programs.

Our motto is: “Sport Hunting is Wildlife Conservation,” and we invite you to help us protect the future of hunting, deliver education to the public, and effectively manage our finite wildlife resources.

Since 1973 the HSC has spent nearly $3 million supporting great causes in Texas and around the world.

How to get a grant from HSC?

If you feel your project or organization would qualify to receive a grant from the HSC, please click here to print the grant request form. All request forms should be submitted via mail or fax to the HSC office in Houston. Please allow ample time for review and consideration of your request.

If you have any questions about the HSC grant program, please contact the HSC office at (713) 623-8844, or at info@houstonsafariclub.org