Houston Safari Club
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Sport Hunting is Wildlife Conservation.

Youth Programs

Houston Safari Club is dedicated to preserving
the future of hunting through youth mentoring programs and education. One of our most successful annual youth hunting programs introduces several Houston area boys and girls from local schools and scout groups to sport hunting and wilderness conservation. Every year, young people who meet the HSC youth hunting program criteria are nominated to participate in our program by adult representatives who also serve as chaperones for the duration of the hunt.

The hunting groups are small by design, consisting of four to six young people and their adult guides, as limited numbers allow for more thorough hunter education and in depth instruction. The young hunters learn about various conservation efforts by hunting on sponsor ranches that must harvest an abundance of animals in order to maintain their specific wildlife management program. Many different youth hunting experiences are sponsored by HSC, from all boy and girl excursions to mixed groups.

Hunter safety is priority one at our youth program hunts and every single participant is constantly monitored by a responsible adult guide, who is in complete control of their assigned firearm at all times.

In addition, the hunters are taken to a firing range to practice with an identical or similar rifle prior to entering the field. The goal is for every hunt to prove successful, with all youth hunters harvesting an animal and coming away from the program with a lifelong respect for wildlife conservation.

Criteria to Qualify for Youth Hunting Programs:

  • Must hold a current hunting license.
  • Must be currently enrolled and actively participating in school or scout group.
  • Must have passing grades – documented by school or scout sponsor.
  • Must have good discipline record.
  • Must come from a non-hunting background with no prior hunting experience – first time hunter. Our purpose is to introduce youth to hunting who may otherwise never have an opportunity to hunt. This program is not meant to take kids hunting who have their own hunting leases, many opportunities to hunt with their own families, etc.
  • Must have submitted signed HSC Release of Liability prior to hunting.
  • Ages 12 – 18. Must Attend Hunter Safety Training prior to hunt.
  • Must attend pre – hunt orientation with shooting practice at the host ranch.
  • Must have a neat appearance – shirts tucked in, etc.
  • Must not bring any personal firearms or ammunition (pocket knives acceptable if shown to sponsor on arrival for hunt).

For more information on the HSC Youth Hunting Programs, please contact the HSC office at 713.623.8844, or info@houstonsafariclub.org.