Houston Safari Club
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Sport Hunting is Wildlife Conservation.

What We Do

Sport Hunting is Wildlife Conservation.

As hunters and Houston Safari Club members, this is the motto we live by. Hunters are the most effective and dedicated conservationists in the world. We have a responsibility to protect and preserve the wildlife and habitat we so much enjoy. Hunters give more money per person towards  conservation programs than any other group.

HSC is a volunteer, non-profit organization dedicated to wildlife conservation and the preservation of the sporting heritage. HSC relies on its generous and passionate membership to raise money through various events and functions that is used to fund conservation and education programs throughout the world.

Our Purpose:

  1. To conserve and preserve the wild game species of the world, their habitat and the sport of hunting.
  2. To promote good fellowship among those who love the outdoors and the sports of hunting and fishing.
  3. To aid conservation by initiating projects, and by supporting worthwhile projects of other organizations that share common goals, beliefs, and purposes, in the U.S. and around the world.
  4. To educate our youth in the safe and sportsmanlike use of firearms, hunting ethics, and to interest them in the conservation of the wildlife and its habitat, which is their natural heritage.
  5. To educate our members, our youth and the public on the role that hunting plays as a recognized scientific tool in conservation of the world’s wildlife resources, and to support American Conservation and Education Society (ACES).
  6. To share our hunting skills and information with younger, serious but less experienced hunters and to encourage them to develop into responsible hunters and conservationists.
  7. To preserve the rights of the hunter to pursue the hunting sports and to promote a public understanding and acceptance of proper hunting as the ancient, honorable and valuable sport that we know it to be.
  8. To provide recognition for the individuals who have succeeded in this sport and those who have accomplished significant advances in any of our purposes.

Join HSC and help make a difference! For more information visit Giving Back. If you have any questions, please contact the HSC office at 713.623.8844, or by e-mail at info@houstonsafariclub.org.